The University of Calabria established in 1968 is located on the hills surrounding Arcavacata, in the municipality of Rende, an area of ​​over 200 hectares. More precisely, in the valley of the river Crati the bridge called Pietro Bucci stretches out. It   was built with reinforced concrete structures and comprises a vehicular and pedestrian walkway track. The buildings of the various departments are cube-shaped and are tied to the horizontal structure of the steel foot-bridge, which changes height according to surface changes. In the hilly areas, there are buildings concentrated mostly along the transit routes and university residences; further, down the hills the scenery is characterized by some University facilities, including the Multifunctional Complex, the first residential accommodation area and the Sports Centre.


Provincia di Cosenza

Location Type




GPS Coordinates

39.358155, 16.225623

Difficulty Reaching 5%


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