Near the Marina di Catanzaro, on the Ionian coast of the Gulf of Squillace, set among olive trees stands a real artistic and cultural treasure, called “Scolacium Park” – Roccelletta. Of the ancient pre-Roman town, remains very little; visible ruins on the site show the system of the Roman colonies with its most important monuments: the Basilica, although partly destroyed, retaining both grandeur and beauty, the forum and the theater perched on the hilltop. So walking from the forum to the theater and the necropolis, we reach the hill of the amphitheater, where fine sculptures such as the statue of Fortune, the Genius of Augustus and a rare example of Germanico, the adopted son of Tiberius, all enrich the great existing museum.


Provincia di Catanzaro

Location Type

Archaeological sites



GPS Coordinates

38.808024, 16.595145

Difficulty Reaching 30%


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