The Mediterranean Biodiversity Park is a green area, which covers 60 hectares in the heart of the city of Catanzaro. It is an ecosystem, in which, a great variety of flora and fauna cohabit. Inside the Park hosts the headquarters of the CRAS (Wild Animals Rescue Centre), and the MUSMI (Historical Military Museum “Brigade Catanzaro”) and a prestigious open-air collection of contemporary art. Connected to the Park is the exhibition Intersections, which has implemented a combination of archeology and contemporary art. Dennis Oppenheim, Tony Cragg, Jan Fabre, Mimmo Paladino, Antony Gormley, Wim Delvoye, Marc Quinn and Stephan Balkenhol are equipping the Park at present with a considerable wealth of artistic forms: installations. All these artists focus their research on the world of forms understood as the place of action-reaction toward time and space.


Provincia di Catanzaro

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GPS Coordinates

38.919423, 16.581389

Difficulty Reaching 5%


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