Dino Island is located on the northwest coast of the Tyrrhenian Sea, in front of the village of Praia a Mare in the province of Cosenza. San Nicola Arcella, a seaside resort on the Riviera of the Cedars, located on a cliff 110 meters high above sea level, boasts a coastline with beaches of gray sand, a clear blue turquoise sea and with sloping seabed. The town is so named after an extraordinary natural arch, probably hollowed out in hard rock by the sea: the Great Arch, which opens the way to a silent, hidden and isolated small beach. Inside is a beautiful crescent-shaped lagoon, about 25 meters long, with small pebbles of gravel.


Provincia di Cosenza

Tipo Location




GPS Coordinates

39.873988, 15.774537

Difficulty Reaching 40%


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