The medieval town is located on a sandstone cliff 470 meters above sea level, in the south-end of the long plank that connects the Serre to the mountain Aspromonte. It is about 10 km from the Ionian coast. The entire municipality is divided into five urban areas: the upper town, castle, hamlet, village elder, flat. Walking through the streets you can breathe the atmosphere of a village: the vaulted arches, narrow streets, picturesque corners nooks and crannies. Then come the historic buildings with sumptuous stone portals, numerous monumental churches and the belvedere Bombarde After the view we continue to the Castle and the vast esplanade of the Baglio, the old shelter for citizens in danger. From the Castle you go back down to town to appreciate the mullioned windows of the 13th-century and the monastic complex of St. Anne.


Provincia di Reggio Calabria

Location Type

Old Town Centre



GPS Coordinates

38.272835, 16.219108

Difficulty Reaching 40%


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