The town lies on the hills in the valley of the river Crati, at the confluence of the latter with the Busento, 238 meters above sea level. Standing on the Pancrazio hill, one of the highest points of the city is the Norman-Swabian Castle, built on an artificial rectangular motte. Walking through the alleys of the old town we find statues of ancient philosophers, reflecting the historical past of Magna Greece, nineteenth-century buildings and shops along the Bernardino Telesio main Street or Corso, squeezed between two rows of buildings supporting each other. The Cathedral Square circular and interrupted by stairways is there to break the street into two parts and to refreshingly help get breath back from the hard climb. The cathedral has been acknowledged heritage of culture and  peace by UNESCO. The walk down the street is almost finished, but if you look up, you can see the Doric columns on the right, the seat of the High School Liceo Scientifico Bernardino Telesio. In Piazza XV Marzo we find the statue of the philosopher, looking in one direction at the municipal theatre Alfonso Rendano and in the other at  the Government Palace. Our little promenade can be considered completed with a visit to the Villa Vecchia, flanked by ancient secular trees.


Provincia di Cosenza

Location Type

Old Town Centre



GPS Coordinates

39.296159, 16.253294

Difficulty Reaching 10%


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