Aspromonte is a mountain range of the Apennines, located in southern Calabria and bounded at east by the Ionian Sea, at west by the Tyrrhenian Sea, at south by the Strait of Messina and to the north by the rivers Petrace, Platì and Careri. The highest peak is the Montalto (1,956 metres high), with its soft shapes and formed by archaic rocks. Almost all its spurs descend steep towards the sea. Characteristic is the development of the Aspromonte in overlapping terraces, in which four levels are recognizable and called plains or fields. The lower plane is met by the Mediterranean Bush with several special flora growth. On the Ionian band are often seen xerophilous formations, formed by prickly broom along with mastic trees, myrtle and the tamarisks. Going further up appear the real forests themselves. The coastal zone is dominated by citrus groves and vineyards. At the height of 1,311 meters lies the ski resort of Gambarie, where you can ski watching the sea.


Provincia di Reggio Calabria

Location Type

Mountains and Uplands



GPS Coordinates

38.165044, 15.841625

Difficulty Reaching 30%


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