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July 28 th, 2016 Videos on Instagram to narrate the Calabria region sights Sponsorship for Calabria Film Commission adheres to the project  launched by associations and professionals. To promote Calabria on social networks special thanks must go to the videos of this region assembled by those who have lived here as residents or tourists, as the start for a regional project to promote and spread pictures taken every day and everywhere throughout our territory. This and much more is "Calabria, as beautiful as a" film, the Calabria territory promotion initiative organized by “Calabresi Creativi “ (Creative Calabrians ) along with associations and companies like Presta Lab, Efferre Communication, Altrama Italian, Creative Interactions and the Calabria Film Commission which have granted patronage alongside with the UNESCO National Commission Youth Committee and the "Club of the Territory of the Italian Touring Club" of Calabria. The initiative continues the tradition of those started in previous years, which saw Calabresi Creativi and other associations engaged in the project "101 Calabrias”. A photograph a day of Calabrian beauties or “ Edward Lear ", commemorated the past year on Twitter, the journey of the English author in Calabria in 1800. This year, the goal is even more ambitious: to describe Calabria through mini videos recorded and uploaded to Instagram, the popular social network dedicated to photography which has exceeded 500 million active users each month. Each user will be able to create a 30-second video depicting faces, places, sights and experiences of Calabria and post it with the hashtag #bellacomeunfilm: this collective narrative will then be employed to create promotional videos of our region, in different lengths, to show how the Calabrian people and tourists see an area whose story needs more and more to be told by those who live it every day or by who, on vacation, discover its beauty. The videos can be uploaded until 30 September: all videos uploaded with the hashtag #bellacomeunfilm will be automatically shared on its Facebook page and then become part of the final video promotion. There will also be several prizes awarded by the various partners participating in the initiative. In particular there will be a prize awarded by the Calabria Film Commission to the video which will best represent Calabria and a special mention conferred by the Youth Committee Unesco National Commission for the best video having as its main subject the Calabrian cultural heritage. Regulations are available on the website www.calabresicreativi.it and fan page on Facebook "Calabria #bellacomeunfilm". bella-locandina-01CALABRIA REGULATION, BEAUTIFUL AS A FILM 1 – The competition topic: Illustrate Calabria region, by videos. More in detail, post your point of view: #bellacomeunfilm  2 - Competitors Calabrians can participate and those interested in our region 3 - How to participate • Make one or more videos (maximum length up to 30 seconds) • Upload your video on Instagram and add the hashtag #bellacomeunfilm 4 - Video Features • Video length: maximum 30 seconds • Video made in timelapse / hyperlapse also allowed • Videos can include or not include an audio (music and / or voice-over) • Participants can decide whether to be or not the protagonists of the video • Videos can be made with smartphones and must be uploaded on instagram 5 - How to participate Participants can post one or more videos on Instagram by using the hashtag #bellacomeunfilm. Videos must be original and not used in other contexts. Each participant is responsible for the works submitted and guarantees unique and exclusive authorship of the images. By complying to the contest, you accept rules and the usage of videos on behalf of Calabresi Creative and Calabria Film Commission during meetings, events, on the web (eg. Website, Facebook etc), and other activities 6 - Duration The contest opens Friday, July 29, 2016 and ends Friday, September 30, 2016. Dates subject to changes. 7 - Prizes The video that receives the most likes on the fan page Facebook "Calabria #bellacomeunfilm" will be the winner of the video contest. Calabria Film Commission reserves the right to approve one or more prizes for the best videos having significant interest for the image of region Calabria. The Youth Committee UNESCO National Commission will award a special mention to the video which best describes the cultural heritage of Calabria. Other local clubs belonging to the "Italian Touring Club” for Calabria, will confer the award "Touring Club" on the basis of the values ​​and objectives of its association.

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