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A first project with the direction debut of Claudio Santamaria will be made in autumn in the Pollino National Park.

The essence of southern regionalism is its cooperation. Only identical feelings and understanding of the problems will be able to checkmate the delays that hamper the competitiveness of the South. In light of this axiom governors of Basilicata and Calabria, Marcello Pittella and Mario Oliverio, after a necessary preparatory action have decided, out of respect to their mutual territorial autonomy, to put together the regional Film Commissions of which they are shareholders, to operate better in attracting national and international productions in their territories by promoting economies with joint management of funds and synergy of the artisan workers. The agreement will be presented next September 5th to experts of the sector visitors and the press at the Venice Film Festival in Venice hosted at the Hotel Excelsior, at the Italian Pavilion Space Taverna Istituto Luce-Cinecitta ', where the Calabrian Governor Mario Oliverio and the regional Minister Francesco Pietrantuono (replacing the President Pittella still recovering) illustrate the details of   their close cooperation agreement with the newly appointed President of the Calabria Film Commission, Pino Citrigno and the Director of the Lucania Film Commission, Paride Leporace.

An initiative which sees the governor of Calabria, Mario Oliverio, greatly involved: "I really believe in this active and factual collaboration. After starting the clean-up activities of the Calabria Film Commission entrusting it to an experienced executive as Pasquale Anastasi, who I thank for the work done, we have chosen Calabrians with expertise for a new phase of the Calabrian cinema audience. I have, therefore, shared with Marcello Pittella a project, which blends the active synergies of our regions; institutional cooperation and good practice, and will hopefully attract new movie productions, incentivize the economy, expand the growth of our companies and trigger tourist promotion of local target areas. We need to overcome Southern localism and aim with Marcello Pittella towards a vision of the Mediterranean South of Italy, as a resource for the growth of the country ". On the same terms the governor Marcellus Lucan Pittella said: "As already announced on several occasions, for both the regions Basilicata and Calabria, I am strongly convinced of the importance of the agreement on film production that shapes shared strategies between our Film Commission, which in few years has achieved remarkable results, and that re-established in Calabria by fellow colleague Oliverio who has relocated with good quality premises and skills. I have always been a supporter of the fact that the southern regions (which, moreover, belong to the same political color) put together public authorities and local communities for innovative strategies for the local economic and social growth of Southern Italy. The collaboration between Calabria and Basilicata in the film production sector, one of the Italian vital sectors, goes certainly in this positive direction. " This project will also see the participation Stefania Ippoliti, President of Italian Film Commission, underlining the consent to this form of cooperation by the national coordination which provides communication with institutional and professional authorities. The acronym Lu.Ca. In Venice is not only a pronouncement of intent and good practice but will see the presentation of a first operational plan ready to be implemented in the Pollino National Park next fall. Highlighting this will be the authoritative protagonists who have enthusiastically joined in the trial of the first macro Southern Italy Film Commission. There will in fact be Claudio Santamaria whose origins are from Lucania and interpreter in a successful television fiction show of one of the most important Calabrian icons like Rino Gaetano)and who is about to debut in the production of a short film called "The Millionaires" adapted from a graphic noir novel with an evocative setting. With Santamaria, the lucky duo and award winning "They called him Jeeg", will be re-launched by Gabriele Mainetti in the role of producer and who has appreciated the idea of ​​shooting "The Millionaires" along the border between Calabria and Basilicata in the Pollino Park, the largest protected area in Europe which both allied regions are willing   to promote by cinema and audiovisual. Inspections have already been carried out by the two film commissions and have been very successful. Similar initiatives in the future will be promoted with great ease in the proximity of the Tyrrhenian and Ionian coasts, in the Gulf of Policastro between Praia a Mare and Maratea, along the ridges of the Apennines where relations between the two regions are of old. There are already 'several dossiers presented to the two Film Commissions to investigate the possibility' of making films in co-production between the two regions in the extraordinary scenery that characterize their landscapes. Oliverio, after having launched a more agile and streamlined governance policy of the Calabria Film Commission, is ready to experiment with Basilicata some common incoming actions and to start a new course in management synergy. The activities have been given by the President of the Calabria Film Commission, Pino Citrigno to the director of the Lucania Film Commission, Paride Leporace, who will handle the concerted planning of activities and the annual management plans of the two foundations. "I accepted this challenge by proposed by Pittella and Oliverio governors, because I really believe in the union of actions and resources to eliminate the imbalances and increase the opportunities for development in our territories. In Calabria my intention is to work willingly free of charge by making a contribution to public activities films as to distribute them in the best way possible. The status as President conferred to my person by Pino Citrigno, worthy operator and influential exponent of the ministerial committee in charge of public state funds, together with the honorary presidency of Mauro Fiore Oscar Award, have shown that the choices for merit and capacity can build strong binding connections in the creative community and the national operators. Calabria and Basilicata with the birth of Lu.Ca will offer together numbers and significant results for the construction of a field of the southern film of great quality and able to offers significant opportunities to young Calabrian Lucans operating in the two territories. "

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